How to get access of Remote Desktop/PC RDP from any Android/ios mobiles/devices

By | December 24, 2016

In past, we can only able to take Remote access from system to system. Gradually day by day, lot of technology enhancements happening in Network communications. Like in Bandwidth, Fiber optics as well as in wire less communications.

Now we can easily able to access any remot_system from any android or iOS devices by using RDP App. It is available at google play store.

 Features of RDP :

  1. We can save the Remote-system credentials.
  2. We can operate with finger touch console as well as with cursor.
  3. Easily set  Remote-Image as desktop previews.
  4. Pinch to Zoom remote-session :
    It changes the touch input from multiple contacts(multi touch) to one contact. So, we can easily interpret the zoom gesture locally. Turn this setting off, if you need to send  multiple touch contact’s to the remote-session. This setting only affects remote sessions to versions of Windows that suport multiple touch input, beginning with Windows 8.
  5. Adjust the Resolution :
    • Default value : 1368 x 770
    • We can set it as “Match the device”.
    • Custom settings is also available.
  6. Easily manage the user accounts.

How to Change Control point to Touch/Cursor :

  • Take the access of any remote-system. Then you can able to see Two (2) buttons at top middle of the screen. One is for Keyboard & second one is for other options.
  • Now click on second button, then Right side “Touch” or “Mouse Pointer” options will appear as vice versa.
  • It is an independent option. That means, Once change this, it is applied to all user accounts.

How to get Right click(Mouse/Cursor) functionality in RDP :

  • In general, Right click of Mouse will provides the all functionalities of respective object.
  • But Here in RDP, It is in Hide. For that, follow the below step.
  • Move to object then click on it and hold it for 2 seconds. Then you will get.

Key pad details :

  • Here, key pas is almost similar to PC keyboard.
  • We can use easily all types of key which generally available on computer key board.
  • But It is available in mobile pattern. In one view, it comes with general mobile keypad with windows key, shift, ctrl, Alt, AltGr, Del, Esc, Tab & 123.
  • If you switch the 123 button, then the second screen will appear with all other keys.



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