How to boost the speed of Website/Blog instantly – P3 Plugin

By | February 19, 2017

In Digital E-commerce Website development field, Every developer should consider the SPEED of their website or blog. It is a major factor for S.E.O Ranking and performance and other statistics. It is depends on page size and requests and wait time and images and host server performance.

 SPEED/Load Time = DNS time + SSL_time + SEND time + Wait time + Receive + Connect Time

Here, We need to consider some of terms as per above description. There are many reasons  possible to cause the speed performance of the blog/website. You can do it is in simple way. Just follow the below procedure.

Rectify from Plugins :

Mostly we will get lot of load wait time from plugins only, but we did not observed those things.  To rectify, there is one good plugin is available i.e., P3 – Performance profiler, which is powered by It provides the entire website performance report within few seconds.

For that, You need to just add &  install it in your website console. It provides the reports in the form of Graphical report. From this, we can easily identify   low performance plugins.


Before Making Report :

 We need to check the speed the website for analysis and verification purposes. For that, there is a one online tool is available. That is om, Which is the best choose, to get the overall load & wait time report.

After ran the report, note down the speed of your web-site. Then install the P3 plugin for temporarily. Now make a new analysis report. Now rectify and remove those plugins, which are giving bad response.

Then Uninstall the P3-plugin as well.

Now check again the load time of web-site by using pingdom tool. You observe that your boosted website speed with respect to the page size.

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